Episode 4 - Jobot Makes New Friends

How to Build an AI: The Chronicles of Jobot

As Jobot's prompt templates become a huge success, user requests for additional templates start pouring in. To keep up with the growing demand, we decide to empower users by allowing them to create and manage their own templates.

Key steps in this episode:

  1. Deciding to involve users: We debate the pros and cons of community-driven template creation to address the overwhelming demand.
  2. Setting up database tables: We establish a database structure to manage the growing number of user-generated templates.
  3. Building APIs and user interface: We develop the necessary APIs and an intuitive user interface, enabling users to create, manage, and share their custom templates.
  4. Solving the discovery problem: We tackle the challenge of making user-generated templates easily discoverable by the wider community.

By the end of this episode, Jobot will have evolved into a more collaborative and user-driven AI. How will the community's involvement in template creation shape Jobot's future interactions and capabilities? Keep watching to find out!