How to Build an AI: The Chronicles of Jobot

How to Build an AI: The Chronicles of Jobot


"How to Build an AI" chronicles the development of Jobot, an AI developed by Jovian using cutting-edge machine learning models and APIs.

Each episode will delve into various aspects of AI development, including live coding, demonstration, deployment, testing, and design decisions, while fostering discussions about the future of Jobot.

As you follow the journey, you will have the unique opportunity to interact with Jobot after each episode, and build your own AI-powered applications, witnessing firsthand the progression of artificial intelligence. Important Links:

Prerequisites: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React JS (basic knowledge is sufficient)

Episode 1 - First Contact with Jobot

  • Define the objective of creating a helpful, programmable AI
  • Explore the ChatGPT API by OpenAI as the language model
  • Create a simple one-page application chatbot user interface

Episode 2 - Jobot Meets the World

  • Implement user login and two-factor verification for security
  • Deploy the application to the cloud for scalability
  • Set up a tracking system to monitor usage and gather data

Episode 3 - Jobot Learns New Tricks

  • Discuss programmability using preconfigured prompt templates
  • Design templates for various use cases to enhance Jobot's functionality
  • Develop a user interface for interaction with prompt templates

Episode 4 - Jobot Makes New Friends

  • Involve users in creating and managing their own templates
  • Establish a database structure for template management
  • Develop APIs and UI for user-generated template creation

Episode 5 - Jobot Enters the Matrix

  • Decide to expand Jobot's reach through API access to prompt templates
  • Create a user-friendly API for developers to integrate templates
  • Explore diverse applications and encourage innovation among developers

Episode 6 - Jobot's Trip Down Memory Lane

  • Create a continuous dialogue with users by remembering past conversations
  • Develops a secure storage system for conversation history data
  • Continue past conversations, enhancing user engagement and personalization

Building Custom AI Powered Apps with ChatGPT

  • Getting access & exploring OpenAI API
  • Development setup & API connection
  • Building AI-powered application features