Data Structures and Algorithms in Python


This course is a beginner-friendly introduction to common data structures (linked lists, stacks, queues, graphs) and algorithms (search, sorting, recursion, dynamic programming) in Python. This course will help you ace coding assessments and technical interviews.


  • Watch live hands-on coding-focused video tutorials
  • Practice coding with cloud Jupyter notebooks
  • Solve questions from real programming interviews
  • Earn a verified certificate of accomplishment

Lesson 1 - Binary Search, Linked Lists and Complexity

  • Linear and Binary Search
  • Complexity and Big O Notation
  • Linked Lists using Python Classes

Assignment 1 - Binary Search Practice

  • Understand and solve a problem systematically
  • Implement linear search and analyze it
  • Optimize the solution using binary search

Lesson 2 - Binary Search Trees, Traversals and Recursion

  • Binary trees, traversals, and recursion
  • Binary search trees & common operations
  • Balanced binary trees and optimizations

Assignment 2 - Hash Tables and Python Dictionaries

  • Hash tables from scratch in Python
  • Handling collisions using linear probing
  • Replicating Python dictionaries

Lesson 3 - Sorting Algorithms and Divide & Conquer

  • Bubble sort and Insertion Sort
  • Merge sort using Divide & Conquer
  • Quicksort and average complexity

Assignment 3 - Divide and Conquer Practice

  • Implement polynomial multiplication
  • Optimize using divide and conquer
  • Analyze time and space complexity

Lesson 4 - Recursion and Dynamic Programming

  • Recursion and memoization
  • Subsequence and knapsack problems
  • Backtracking and pruning

Lesson 5 - Graph Algorithms (BFS, DFS & Shortest Paths)

  • Graphs, trees, and adjacency lists
  • Breadth-first and depth-first search
  • Shortest paths and directed graphs

Project - Solve a Programming Problem Step-by-Step

  • Pick an interesting coding problem
  • Solve the problem step-by-step
  • Document and present the solution

Lesson 6 - Python Interview Questions, Tips & Advice

  • Practice questions and solutions
  • Tips for solving coding challenges
  • Advice for cracking coding interviews

Certificate of Accomplishment

Earn a verified certificate of accomplishment (sample) by completing all weekly assignments. The certificate can be added to your LinkedIn profile, linked from your Resume, and downloaded as a PDF.

Instructor - Aakash N S

Aakash N S is the co-founder and CEO of Jovian. Previously, Aakash has worked as a software engineer (APIs & Data Platforms) at Twitter in Ireland & San Francisco and graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. He’s also an avid blogger, open-source contributor, and online educator.