Data Science Career Readiness Training

Data Science Career Readiness Training


Data Science Career Readiness Training is an 8-week online certification course designed to help you build a strong professional profile, polish your projects, fill the gaps in your learning, craft an impressive Resume, learn how to apply for data science jobs the right way, prepare for interviews and get hired.

The course requires you to put in about 10-12 hours of effort per week. Over the course of 8 weeks, you'll watch 8 lectures, work on 4 assignments, and take a mock data science interview.

This course is right for you if you've already completed some data science courses, built some projects, and are planning to apply for jobs within the next 30-60 days. If you're a beginner, consider applying to the Jovian Data Science Bootcamp.

Course Introduction and Overview

  • Challenges in making a career transition
  • Overview of resources shared in the course
  • Common mistakes and how to avoid them

Lesson 1 - Preparing for Data Science Interviews

  • How employers shortlist & evaluate candidates
  • How to prepare for non-technical interviews
  • How to prepare for technical interviews

Assignment 1 - Technical Practice Sheet

  • Solve practice questions in Python and SQL
  • Update the statuses of the questions in the sheet
  • Share the submission links for evaluation

Lesson 2 - Crafting a Job Winning Resume

  • Writing a Bio with education and work history
  • Extracting information into a 1-page Resume
  • Customizing your Resume based on job roles

Assignment 2 - Data Science Resume(s) & Hiring Profile

  • Research and identify your target job roles
  • Write your bio and data science Resume(s)
  • Complete your hiring profile on Jovian

AMA - Aakanksha N S, ML Engineer at Snap

  • Data science & ML in the real-world
  • Importance of projects & blog posts
  • How to find your first data science job

Lesson 3 - Building Your Professional Profile

  • Improving LinkedIn, GitHub, and Jovian profiles
  • Writing blog posts and sharing your work online
  • Improving, documenting & publishing your projects

Assignment 3 - Improve Your Professional Profiles

  • Improve your LinkedIn profile for job readiness
  • Improve your Medium profile to showcase blog posts
  • Improve your GitHub profile to showcase projects

Lesson 4 - Applying for Jobs the Right Way

  • How to ask for referrals from working professionals
  • How to send cold emails to recruiters & employers
  • How to keep track of your job application pipeline

Assignment 4 - Cold Emails and Cover Letter

  • Write a cover letter for job applications
  • Write a cold email template for referrers
  • Write a cold email template for employers

AMA - Aditya Prasad, Principal Data Scientist at Dream11

  • Making a career transition to data science
  • How to learn on the job & keep improving
  • What employers look for during interviews

Lesson 5 - Improving Interview Skills

  • Common interview questions
  • How to present yourself confidently
  • Tips for making a positive impression on your interviewer

Lesson 6 - Communication Basics & Impromptu Speaking

  • Communication basics (verbal and non-verbal communication)
  • Active listening and effective communication strategies
  • Impromptu speaking in today’s dynamic world

AMA - Kartik Godawat, Founder & ML Consultant, DeepKlarity

  • Making a career transition to data science
  • Tips for self-learning and staying motivated
  • Balancing Kaggle, freelance and side projects

Lesson 7 - Business Communication

  • Business communication basics & types
  • Assertive communication importance
  • Tips on writing business emails

Lesson 8 - Mock Interview and Graduation Day

  • Mock interview preparation guidelines
  • Graduation day preparation guidelines
  • Recap, next steps, and ongoing support

Assignment 5 - Data Science Mock Interview

  • Introduce yourself & answer general questions
  • Talk about your best data science project(s)
  • Answer technical data science questions

AMA - Nishant Poddar, Data Engineer at Solita

  • Learning while working full time
  • Preparing for job interviews
  • How to handle rejections

Assignment 6 - Graduation Day Presentation & Video

  • Create your graduation day presentation
  • Write a script for your graduation day video
  • Record & publish your video on the hiring profile

Researching Data Science Job Rolesoptional

  • Understanding data science job roles
  • Researching salaries & company reviews
  • Identifying the right job role to target

Finding Part-Time and Freelance Workoptional

  • How, when & where to look for part-time work
  • How to write proposals and set expectations
  • How to deliver great work and resolve conflicts

Rejection, Feedback and Improvementoptional

  • How to deal with shortlisting & interview rejections
  • How to ask for and react to constructive feedback
  • How to continue learning while applying for jobs

Certificate of Accomplishment

Earn a verified certificate of accomplishment (sample) by completing all weekly assignments and clearing a data science mock interview. The certificate can be added to your LinkedIn profile, linked from your Resume, and downloaded as a PDF.

Instructor - Aakash N S

Aakash N S is the co-founder and CEO of Jovian. Previously, Aakash has worked as a software engineer (APIs & Data Platforms) at Twitter in Ireland & San Francisco and graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. He’s also an avid blogger, open-source contributor, and online educator.