Your favourite assignments

On the “Share Your Work Here” there about 1200 submissions for Assignment 1, and 685 for Assignment 2. So it’s a bit hard to go through all of them right?

And as we’re all learning we make mistakes or miss on a specific trick, and all of us wished for some feedback on our own work. Maybe someone went a bit further and you wished you thought of that! It would be cool if the teams at Jovian or Freecodecamp would post their solutions for these assignments too. The point is to learn from the best examples.

So instead, we could share here the best assignment submission from other students or your favourites that you came across!

Here’s one I found from @mdaoudadala where he (imo more correctly) used MSE instead of L1 Loss, and took the log of charges to better fit those outliers and remove skewness:

Let me know your favourites/best assignments you came across from your colleagues!


That’s a great example! the only thing i would have changed is at the prediction stage at the end using the original values to give a better sense of scale