[Webinar] How to start a career in Data Science

National and Local Governments often have open datasets - e.g. Office for National Statistics


Hello, I am a Robotic engineer in a Startup in Ahmedabad, I am curious to know how can I take robotics ( Robotic Operating System) & Deep Learning (Computer Science) ahead? Can you please brief a job role in such field?

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Hello @aakashns ,
Could you please help me understand how important it is to read the research papers in order to understand the nuts and bolts of deep learning state of the art models. In fact, it is very easy to use them in frameworks like PyTorch and TensorFlow with just a few lines of code, but without understanding the model background it would be really difficult to retain that concept for a longer time. So I wanted to know how deep we should go during our learning process.

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I’m an embedded engineer. Want to know about the career in Embedded AI research or edge AI.

Any good courses that you could recommend for knowing about what graphs to use when, during Data Visualisation?

I am planning to Transition from a Non coding field to (Data Analytics/Data Science/Machine learning )field.
I ve a experience of 3+ years but in IOT working on Hardwares(Non-coding field) and **for the last 6 months i have been learning Data science from Online classroom program.
This was my background, now coming to questions

Should I be considered as a fresher?
How to build resume?
How difficult is it to get a job in Data analytics companies?

could you please talk about the recruitments happening in this situation??

Any specific Cloud Computing Platforms you recommend for deploying scalable ML models. Azure, AWS, GCP, Alibaba which one do you recommend? What specific Cloud Computing skills we need to acquire in order to do this and also when should we learn cloud during our Deep Learning Journey

Myself Swapnil,
I completed the PGP course in Data Science. since, I am from Mechanical Background I am facing difficulties to getting shortlisted in companies…
So could you please give some suggestions…

What is difference between data analytics and data science?

For starting out, would you recommend doing a couple of 'unpaid ’ projects for somebody. Under what conditions?

where is a good place which I can get good projects to build my portfolio, but also get some guidance on projects given the limited knowledge and experience that I have? Often I want to do self initiated projects, but I am always stuck halfway when I encounter errors in my codes.

What’s your opinion on the assessments offered by linked-in? Are those important to do in order to flag expertise and be found by recruiters? How to prepare for those?

Does someone have done/knows a good course in object oriented for python programing?

Hi Aakash,

I have 15+ years of experience in Software Industry mostly in ERP. Over this period , i have worked in multiple roles starting from Programmer to Program manager. I am really interested and confused in getting into Data Engineering/ML Engineer related roles. I feel this is like starting again as a new career with all basics. As i have experience as a TPM/Project Manager kind of roles, need suggestion on how to enter and shape my career from now on?

Thank you for the wonderful videos, very informative.

– Sandeep