Share your work : June 1 - June 7

Hi all,
My work :
Medium :égression-linéaire-avec-pytorch-633289488ec1 :slight_smile:
see you soon.

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Hi All,

My Assignment-2 HERE.

My Blog Post HERE

My Blog Post Notebook HERE


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Hii everyone
here is my submission

i am writing blog series based on linear regression here is part 1

and all other parts will be posted very soon.
Thanks to all
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Hello everyone!
Checkout my notebook for the insurance cost prediction using linear regression.
Also, I wrote a blog on forest fire prediction using linear regression with PyTorch built-ins. checkout the Blog Post.
Thank you!

Hello everybody,

I have finished my assingment 2 and I have pubished an article using the Titanic dataset.

You can find my work in the folling links:

Feel free to check it out and provide feedback if you can!


The Jupyter Notebook is here, the blogpost is here.
I don’t know if a typo, but it was asked “In this assignment we’re going to use information like a person’s age, sex, BMI, no. of children and smoking habit to predict the price of yearly medical bills.” The region wasn’t noted, so I omitted it. I tried many loss functions, and smooth_l1_loss seems to me the best, although I’m not “happy with my model’s predictions” :smile:

Hey guys,

Finally finished my optional assignment. I performed a logistic regression on Fashion-MNIST dataset and got an val accuracy 0.84.
Check out my notebook: fashion-mnist-logistic
Here’s a link to my blog: logistic regression on fashion mnist using PyTorch

I also went ahead and created model and performed logistic regression on CIFAR10 dataset, but I got a very low accuracy and model did not seem to surpass accuracy of 0.40 - 0.45. If you are interested check out my note book: Logistic regression on CIFAR10

Here’s the link to my second assignment: Insurance Liner Regression

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or doubts. Feel free to check out my blog and notebooks and support if you like.
Thank you!!!

Here is also my my blog post about classifying the cifar10 dataset

Hi guys, thank you @aakashns for creating such a wonderful course.
I tried different loss functions to check the accuracy
Here is my assignments2:
and my blog
I tried my best. If have any suggestions. please let me know.

Hello all,

This my assignment:

and this is my blog:

Thank you,

Hi everyone. Here is my work on assignment 2 and my blog post. Any feedback and suggestion will be appreciated.

Hi guys here is my assignment. Hope you’re all doing well.

Hello guys here i am with my second_assignment , you can also check this out blog_post .

hai this is my assignment for this week.
i enjoyed doing the work it helps me learn more
my blog and my jovian

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Hi this is my assignment.
I used mse loss, and after a lot of tuning, got these results.
My blog link -
Thank you.

Hello I completed my assignment

Additionally I made a notebook about linear regression with a Kaggle dataset, the link was provided above. It is the CalCOFI dataset.

This is the notebook

but you need to have the Kaggle input files from here

This is the blog post:

Something strange happened. The notebook was running normally then the last version had a small problem suddenly. I do not understand why since I did not change anything. If you spot something please let me know. Any feedback is appreciated. :slight_smile:

and the Kaggle link. Maybe it had a temporary problem?


please check it out and give a clap if you like it. thanks

Do take a look at my blog

I would be happy to hear suggestions :slight_smile:

My Blog:

Please do give a feedback and suggestions, it’s my first blog. Would be happy to hear from you all.

Will help me structure well in next upcoming blog. Thank You

Hello Everyone! Here are the 5 PyTorch functions explored by me [medium post]. I hope you’ll find something useful. Awaiting your feedback.