Share Your Work Here - Assignment 2

In the old version of Assignment 2 I considered charges in the input matrix which was wrong, now I corrected the error and here is the corrected version.Assignment02_resubmission

Hi, Guys, here is my assignment 2 completed.

Thanks a lot man, will do

Here is work from assignment2.

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Hey, turns out I failed the assignment as my submission link was wrong. Anyways thanks for the help. I followed your advice and was able to get my val_loss down to 3314. Thanks a lot for the suggestion. Here is my notebook for your reference.

Any more tips and suggestions and greatly appreciated.
Thank you

Hi All,

Sharing my work on 2nd assignment here.



I received a fail grade for this assignment.

After reading some posts, I fixed the input cols with the charge value. But, I’m a stuck about the loss value; It seems that the val_loss is high (I turn around 6-7k). I tried to change the loss function (smooth_loss, l1_loss) and try different hyperparameters (learning rate, batch_size, epochs) but the result is nearly the same.

Any advice(s) to reduce it ?

Thanks in advance,

I also got a fail grade. I couldnt find the reason for failure.

I have trained a bit more and made the loss around 4.3k

My assignment 2:

Had some problems in the previous one which i couldn’t figure out. Maybe because i didnot posted here, but also going through the assignment once again did help alot.

here you can have a look at it

validation loss =5546

My improved assignment 2:

if you train with learning rate 1 for 5000 epochs your can get loss of 400.

my improved assignment notebook

Thank you Federico for your feedback, I have made changes to the notebook.
Now the loss value is stable around 4322.3989, and predictions are still quite accurate.

My assignment, improved

Previously, I made some mistake, so I got to know that, Now its perfect.

hope u guys checkout my solution.

Hi everyone!
My corrected link to assignment 2

Short simple explanations.

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Hello guys its my updated 2nd assignment. With a loss of 50.0173