Share Your Work Here - Assignment 2

Hello everyone,
Here is the my second assignment link:

Hi Everyone,

Here is my second assignment. It is my first time working with artificial intelligence thus any tips and comments would be greatly appreciated. Additionally, if there is any beneficial material you yourselves have read and could recommend I welcome you to message or email me with your suggestions.




Hi Everyone!
I have finished the assignment 2 and I learned a lot while doing this assignment. The key to master any concept is to have strong basics and I’m glad that this course is giving me that opportunity.
Here’s my assignment 2 which involves the prediction of insurance cost using linear regression.

Any feedback would be welcome.

P.S - I have also applied the concepts learnt in lecture 2 on another dataset, Fashion MNIST, using the starter notebook. Please find it here
Any feedback would be appreciated.

Hope you all are doing well. This is my week 2 assignment.

This is my second assignment submission.

feedbacks are highly appreciated.

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sns.distplot(dataframe.charges) is interesting, also smooth l1 function usage is great. you could have used: ```
categorical_cols = list(dataframe.select_dtypes(include=object).columns.values)

input_cols = list(dataframe.columns.values[:-1])

output_cols = list(dataframe.columns.values[-1:])


Thanks a lot! I used similar code for categorical_cols (with exclude instead of include). I will change it. This is better!

Hi everyone,
This my assignment 2: Insurance Linear Regression


2nd Assignment:

Hi everyone

Here is my second assignment

Hi everyone,
Here is my second assignment

Thanks & Regards

Check out my work on assignment 2 guys

Hello Everyone,
Completed Insurance cost prediction. insurance-cost.
Happy to receive any feedback.


Here my Solution.

It took me ome time to find the right loss function.

By the way did anyone try another model?

This took too many trials and errors, but here it is!

Here’s my second Assignment

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Hey Everyone, This assignment was cool but the hunt for loss function made it cooler!. I loved doing it.
Here is the link to me assignment 2:

Guys check out my blog. I’d really appreciate your reviews!