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hi i am Suraj. I am an engineering student. i have been studying DL lately on my own and looking forward to completing this certification

it’s Monirul Islam Tahir

Hi, i’m TAIRA, from Cameroon, actually i’m in Master degree in Computer science, and i really love ML and DL, and i need to start well from this opportunity and become master on it

Hi my name is Varun, I am a software developer, my goal from the course is to learn more about AI (specially computer vision, roi) I have basic knowledge in Data analysis

Hi, I’m Maniraj, currently pursuing my B.E final year. I am very much interested in ML and looking forward to learn DL from this course.

I’m Avinash Kumar, currently pursuing my 2nd year in ECE Engineering at SPPU Pune. I’m deeply interested in ML/DL. I’m super excited to build project though this course on Computer Vision.

Hello, my name is Luay, I am currently a Freelance Software Developer and an Undergraduate Researcher at my University. My passion resides with robotics and artificial intelligence, hoping to get a better understanding with this course!

Hi Everyone ,I am Divya.Currently working as a software engineer in DXC Technology.I was passoinate about ML and deep learning.I want to add ml and deep learning to my skills which will help in my carrer tyransformation

Hi everyone,

My name is Upendra, currently working as a Data Scientist in a Biotechnology company and I am really excited to be taking this course.

Hello everyone , my name is Nikhil Reddy ,currently pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science and Technology from GITAM(Deemed to be University).I have 2 months experience in working with python.Hence I opted in to see if this helps me develop skills and meet my goals. harish sabasivam from india,tamil a eeb developer who build applications using mern/pern getting into ml using tensorflow here to learn the fundamental and way how the neural nets works.
So that i can build better models for browser🙏

Hello , I am Deepmalya Mondal , currently pursuing btech in electronics and communication.I am an avid enthusiast in ML and deep learning.Really looking forward to doing more stuff with Pytorch!

Hi am Stevin Marks software engineer from Guyana

My name is Stevin Marks n am from Guyana

Hey Everyone ~!
Here’s Ahmed Awadh From Yemen! I’m Power System Engineer ~ :smiley:
I am very excited about joining you over here and look forward to learning new programming skills :blush:

Hii, I am Prateek , currently perusing my Bachelor Of Engineering in Computer Engineering. Passionate about ML from the 1 year of my college and its about in 2 year i startedd learning about it. From this course i want to learn the Pytorch to build my models as It is most existing frame work to work upon.

Hi everyone,
I’m Abhay, I’m pursuing bachelor of technology in computer science and looking forward to learn
Deep Learning

Hello. I am Rock Howard from Austin TX. I have been a professional coder for 40 years and also have a Physics/Astronomy degree from CalTech. I have specialized in Pyhton/Django/Flask for the last 12 years but for the last portion of my career I have decided to refocus on Data Science with the intention of getting back into astronomy or other science related research. Besides learning PyTorch I am also learning Julia as it seems to be a good choice for tackling the huge data sets that are coming online from a variety of new astronomy projects.

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hello all.this is Ayush Singh . I’ve learnt python a bit and want to take my learnings a bit further with this course.

Hello, i’m Gustavo Parra, i’m a physicist Phd student. I want to apply deep learning in finding eigenstats fo Lithium atom.