FastAI Live Study Group & Watch Party

We’re pleased to announce that we are organizing a study group and watch party for the 4th iteration of the Deep Learning Course.

The first lecture of the course will be streamed on Wednesday, Mar 18, 7-9 PM i.e. today. The study-group is invite-only, and will be limited to a maximum 100 participants only.

How to Join the Study Group

  1. Visit this forum link and log in:
  2. Click on “Request” button.
  3. Access will be provided within 30mins of the request.
  4. Once approved, you can find the Zoom livestream meeting link here:

Watch this space for updates.


I just saw this! when is the next session happening?

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4 lessons are done already.
4 are remaining, each of these lessons are re-streamed every Wednesday 7pm-9/10pm IST for the next 4 weeks.

We did a recap of first 4 lessons you can find the recording video and the notebooks used in this link

At the same time you can browse through all the other topics here for all the discussions, resources, updates.

You can start by Introducing yourself here

Hi Prajwal , I am now in your zoom stream , via but i cannot introduce myself and join the locked forum
Can you help please

Thank You

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Hey @vdt visit and click on join.

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