Embed notebook cells, our new website, PyTorch tutorials and more..🔥

We’ve been building and improving Jovian.ml in beta for a while, and we’re finally ready to share it with the world. Over the next few weeks, we’re announcing several features on social media, along with blog posts and tutorial videos. Thanks for being an early user of Jovian!

Embed Jupyter notebook cells online

You can now embed your Juptyer notebooks (or even individual cells) in your blog posts, wikis or presentations. We’ve integrated with Embed.ly to provide a seamless sharing experience on dozens of websites.

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Launching our new website and docs

We’ve revamped our website and docs to include all the improvements we’ve made to Jovian over the past few months. Visit our new website learn how you can use Jovian to manage your data science projects.

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Learn Deep Learning and PyTorch

We recently concluded our webinar series on Deep Learning with PyTorch. Learn about tensors, gradients, neural networks, CNNs, GANs and more. We’re excited to share 10+ hours of video tutorials for FREE!

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We’re glad to have your support. Help us spread the word by sharing the above on social media, or forwarding this post. See you next week!