Deep Learning with PyTorch

I just finished the Deep Learning with PyTorch live course, but I cannot find the link to the assignments or attendance. Can someone please share the links. Thanks.



Hello, I am facing the same problem. It seems the link provided at the youtube live is not working. I also tried search “lecture 1 pytorch basics linear regression”. Nothing appeared.

Update: The links worked for me after joining the “Data Science Network”

Looking for it myself. Rerunning the course again to see if there’s a link to it

Here’s the link for attendance :

Here’s the link for assingment:



Attendance link aint working

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the link isn’t working for me
The page doesn’t exist or is private it says

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The first link is set to private.

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the link is not working what to do?

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These links worked for me, probably the site is handling a bit too much of load right now that’s why the links are not working. Try again after sometime.

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Hello Everyone,
I’m not able to open up the link for attendance.
Is there any alternative way to mark up the attendance?

Hi All,

Please join - DataScience community - and then go to: to mark your attendance



Hi everyone, make sure you follow the following steps to mark your attendance:

  1. Sign up on the forum:

  2. Join the “Jovian Data Science Network” group (click the “Join” button on the top right):

  3. Make sure you can access the “PyTorch: Zero to GANs” forum category:

  4. Read the course announcement thread(, and introduce yourself here:

  5. You can mark your attendance here: