Assignment 1 - All About torch.Tensor

I too think it will be a waste of time writing and embedding the code snippets to a post. @vishal do let us know.

Looking for the assignment link,anyone?


For those on macOS Catalina, this is a must read to fix the conda installation:

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How can we earn attendance for the first lecture, despite not having atteneded it live? Is it through submitting assignment 1?

Jovian.commit is taking a lot of time to run after entering the API Key, Is it normal when you run it for the first time?

It just took few seconds for me. Maybe try again or restart the notebook.


Pls ignore. Resolved it.

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how do you mark my attendance

@imad062 The blog is optional. The description has been updated to reflect this.

@aniruddha7 We request that you host your notebook on Jovian for making the submission, since having a single platform makes it easier to evaluate 100s of assignments. You can download your notebook as “.ipynb” from Colab, and upload it to Jovian. Please let us know if you face any issues.

@Sebgolos @bhargav @simonDungeon Yes, a well-documented notebook is perfectly acceptable as a blog post.

@praneethmunukutla You can find the assignment problem state link in the Important Links section of the top post.

@stevinmarksdev @pyyum We have made attendance optional for lecture 1. You can watch the lecture now and submit the assignment. Don’t worry about it! :slight_smile:


Binder taking too much time to load and initiate !!!

@sudhanshu456 Yes, Binder takes a while to install all the dependencies of your notebook when you run it for the first time. It can take anywhere from 2-10 minutes. This only needs to be done the first time you run your notebook though.


I set reminder in Youtube. Reminds me when live streaming starts as per local time


[jovian] Error: Failed to detect Jupyter notebook or Python script. Skipping…

Getting above error while running jovian.commit() from colab.Can anyone please help?

hi @sai0684, please let us know if you face the issue again.

Hi @josudominic007, we currently don’t support commit from Colab because of technical limitations. You’ll need to download your ipynb notebook from there and upload manually.

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Encountered “CondaMultiError: ('Connection broken: error(”(10054, ‘WSAECONNRESET’)",)’, error("(10054, ‘WSAECONNRESET’)",))" while installing pytorch

@seeeaaashells It seems like network issue. can you try it again?

Hi My name is Prasad K and here is my assignment 1 notebook

@transtrades Please use this google form to submit your assignment.

Hi there! I’m facing a problem: I can’t edit fields (except the first one) in forked notebook with assignment. Could you help?