AI healthcare study group

Hello there, I am a final year MBBS, interested in application of ML/AI in healthcare such as image classification, prognosticate, etc. I am basically new to the concept of deep learning f anybody having similar research interests can join the group, preferably on a telegram or whatever you all guys may prefer.


Hi @aaekayg, I’m not medical but I’m extremely interested in healthcare. I’d be interested to join your study group after a call.

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@aaekayg Did you check out Udacity’s AI for Healthcare Nanodegree

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Hi, everyone. I’m a doctor. I want to build an application to diagnose pneumonia from xrays. How can i join the group?
Im from Vietnam.


Would you all like to propose a study plan? Schedule? Depending on what you present this may work, otherwise our diverse time zones will affect our work.

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I would like to join this group too. I propose a discord group for discussion and a joint project to showcase what we’ve learnt. I’m not sure about the study plan though.

Hello I’am rajat , i’m a IT engineering student .I have experience with machine learning and want to contribute to healthcare with ML . so I want to join this group .Please provide me link if there is any discord server or slack etc.

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hi, am a medical practitioner, basic knowledge in python , a total newbie in ML. am interested in the study group.

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I am not a medical professional. But, interested in healthcare, and would like to contribute.

Hi I am from a public health background now shifting to data science. I am interested to be part of this group.

hi, everyone
i created a discord server for this group, please join and kindly invite anyone interested.
here is the link

Hi, Doc nice to hear from you, we can form a group on telegram or on slack. whichever way it sound more accessible

No. i havent yet but i will soon

I have sent you the link of slack group personally, if anyone got left, tell me, i will send it again

I would like to join this group also. I’m interested in telehealth.

Hey I am an intern doctor as well, I am also interested to be in the study group.

If anyone is interested in this group, please join us at Slack.

We have a project to make diagnose pneumonia from xrays. It would be nice if someone who is experienced to join and help us succeed. Many thanks.

I have made some commits so it’s still at the very beginning. Good luck.

Hi all.
I’m Mezie aka healthpy on github. I have a background in engineering have been working in the healthcare industry. I’m fascinated by the potentials of ML in healthcare and will be contributing to its development in any way possible. Do add me to any group intending to promote healthcare through artificial intelligence.

From basics of python for data analysis like List Comprehension to PyTorch, here is a collection of notebooks which can be useful for newbies like me.