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Data Analysis with Python: Zero to Pandas

Discussion forum for “Data Analysis with Python: Zero to Pandas”. Get help, ask questions, help others and be civil! Register for the course at

Course Discussions

We love your enthusiasm for all the lectures and assignments that are a part of the courses run by Here you can have exciting, intense, or basically any kind of discussions around these courses. So, let your curiosity and creativity brew some interesting discussions.

Q&A, Help and Support

Get help on all things Data Science. If you get stuck somewhere, want some technical support, or are unsure about something, please feel free to ask here.

Share Your Work

The most time-tested way to learn is to get feedback. To facilitate the same for our community, we encourage you to share your work with other community members. Comment on weekly work threads with what you’re currently working on. Get feedback from the community and make improvements accordingly.

Getting Started

Give yourself a great start by introducing yourself to your community. Stay updated with the latest happenings on the forum index or join a study group in your timezone. Still hungry for more? Follow us on our social media channels. Also, please do read the code of conduct.

Learning Resources

If you stumble upon exciting content–books, datasets, blogs, or online courses, feel free to share them here with a brief description of the resource. Also, don’t forget to include the link to the resource and credits. So, let’s get started, after all, knowledge grows with sharing.

Events and Webinars

Attend live sessions on data science with expert speakers and even participate in special post-event discussions with fellow attendees. hosts several webinars along with its partner communities and study groups as well here.

Study Groups

One of the best ways to join and learn from our community is to form a virtual study group – a group of people who e-meet periodically to discuss what they’ve read. Study groups also allow you to have informative and fun discussions with other community members from timezone/city.

Online Competitions

Nothing gets the adrenaline pumping like an online competition. Better still, a hackathon. At Jovian, we believe in the spirit of healthy competition. Use this space for discussions around online competitions and hackathons focused on Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Job Hunt

From freelance opportunities to data science jobs across the globe, find it all here. Bolster your confidence with weekly CV/resume feedback threads and even AMAs with data science professionals. You can help this community grow by sharing any data science jobs that you come across.